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Heart Function Clinic

Improving the quality of life for those living with heart failure!

The first clinical service offered by the Prince Edward Family Health Team was the Heart Function Clinic which saw its first patient in December 2006. This busy clinic continues to operate on a weekly
schedule out of the Visiting Specialist Offices within QHC Prince Edward County
Memorial Hospital.


It is estimated that there are about 500,000 Canadians living with heart failure.

Heart failure is a common condition that develops after the heart becomes weakened. The heart
is not able to pump blood as well as it should to supply needed oxygen and nutrients to the body.
The weakened pumping action can cause a back-up of fluid (congestion) in the lungs and other parts of the body, leading to what is otherwise known as congestive heart failure (CHF).

Heart failure does not happen overnight – it is a progressive disease. Patients with early stage heart failure can receive treatment and make lifestyle changes that will slow the progression of the disease. With changes, patients may be able to eliminate some symptoms and improve the quality and length of their lives.


The Prince Edward Family Health Team Heart Function Program provides ongoing outpatient care for patients who have heart failure or are at high risk for heart failure.


Services include ongoing care, consultation, diagnostic testing, medication monitoring/adjustments and education/counseling to heart failure clients and those at high risk for heart failure.

  • Initial assessment and ongoing evaluation/treatment of condition
  • Optimization of heart failure care including medication use and dose adjustments
  • Assistance with managing medication and therapies for heart failure treatment
  • Ongoing individualized patient and family education about the disease process, diet, lifestyle, self-monitoring, and self-assessment
  • Health teaching is emphasized to enable patients to gain confidence and learn skills to effectively self- manage heart failure
  • Assist patients to make healthy lifestyle choices to improve quality of life
  • Assist patients to learn how to carefully monitor weight and symptoms
  • Ongoing support through follow-up visits and telephone monitoring
  • Advanced care Planning
  • Improved coordination of care

Links of Interest:

Health Information

Heart Failure Society of America

Canadian Heart Failure Network

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Heart Failure Matters

Financial Assistance and Services

Trillium Drug Program 1-800-575-5386

Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) 1-888-387-5559

Community Care for Seniors 613-476-7493

PhilipsLifeline - Medical Alert Services 1-800-543-3546
SMILE Program - Seniors Managing Independent Living Easily 1-888-866-6647

Fitness and Rehabilitation

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

Prince Edward Family Health Team Cardiac Rehabilitation 613-476-0400 ext. 275

Contact Information:

Mary Stever, RN
Clinical Care Coordinator Heart Function Clinic
Office: 613 476-2181 Ext. 4717
Heart Function Clinic: 613 471-1100
Fax: 613 471-1729

Days of Operation:

Various days every month in Visiting Specialist Clinic